Review: Pix The Cat

the media is Video Games
the developer is Pastagames
the publisher is Focus Home Interactive
it was released on the 29th of january in 2015
it costs £6.99 on steam (win/mac/lin) or £7.99 on psn (vita/ps4) [at the time of writing]
i played the windows and vita versions, both of which i purchased myself
all screenshots contained in this article are taken from the media kit found on the dev’s website.


Pix The Cat is an arcade title put out by Pastagames, a game studio based in France. Pastagames have previously put out two different titles using the same titular character, Arkedo Series 03: PIXEL, which – go figure – was produced in part with Arkedo (who you may know as the developers of Big Bang Mini on the DS) and Pix’n Love Rush which was essentially a remixed & retooled version of PIXEL for the PSP. Personally, I’ve only played the latter game, and despite it’s slightly repetitive gameplay, it was a neat little time waster for a cheap price. But that’s not what we’re here for.

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Review: Pix The Cat